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Master Jet Lee
  • Master Jet Lee

Fascinated by the wisdom of feng shui, Master Lee started his pursuit of this ancient field of study many years ago via self-study. He received guidance from several masters who are well-versed in various schools of thought, such as Eight Mansions and Xuan Kong Flying Stars.

Master Lee was also under the tutelage of the renowned Master in Taiwan, Master Yan Shi – the founder of Dahann I-Ching College. The many years of guidance from Grand Master Tan further elevated Master Lee’s understanding of feng shui. In 2007, he joined Way OnNet as Feng Shui Master and has been providing reliable feng shui consultancy services since then. Master Lee also teaches Residential Feng Shui courses at Way Academy, imparting his knowledge to anyone who is keen to learn. With his rising popularity, he was invited to conduct a 6-Day Fundamental Feng Shui Practitioners Course in Moscow, Russia in 2012.

As an avid speaker, Master Lee has held talks and seminars related to feng shui and destiny analysis at various corporate events. His clients include OCBC Bank, DBS Bank, Dulux, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Walton International Group, to name a few. He has also been featured in various media, such as CNBC television, The Straits Times, LianHe Zaobao and 8 DAYS.

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